Amber White


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Amber White Fragrance 

An exquisite clear, fresh,amber fragrance with light musky base note.  It is one of our top sellers for whomever enjoys a light, and refreshing fragrance.  An appropriate fragrance for both males and females.

Item Description: Fragrance Oil


5ml: $5

10ml (approx): $8

15ml: $10

What is Amber:

Nowadays perfumers do not use real amber as it is very rare and diffucult to acquire.  Amber comes from the word Ambergris which are Lumps fatty compounds, whose precursors were secreted and expelled by the sperm Whale. Ambergris should not be confused with yellow amber, which is used in jewelry. Because the harvesting of ambergris involves no harm to its animal source, it remains one of the few animalic fragrancing agents around which little controversy now exists.

Aamber is more commonly referred to as a large fragrance class featuring the sweet slightly animalic scents of ambergris, often combined with vanilla, tonka beans, flowers and woods. Can be enhanced by camphorous oils and incense resins, which bring to mind Victorian era imagery of the Middle East and Far East. Traditional examples include Guerlain’s Shalimar and Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium.

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